Black Tourmaline with 7 Chakra Hamsa Charm Bracelet

Product :- Crystal Natural Black Tourmaline with 7 Chakra Hamsa Charm Bracelet
Shape:- Round
Used for Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing Stone Bracelet
Material:- Gemstone
Size:- 4 mm,6 mm,8mm ,10mm(Customized
Ideal For:- Women, Men, Girls, Boys
Occasion:- Love, Wedding & Engagement, Religiou

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7 Chakra Bracelet—a wearable symbol of balance, vitality, and spiritual connection
The bracelet is adorned with a colorful array of natural gemstones, including amethyst, lapis lazuli, green jade, and more. Each stone contributes its unique energy to create a harmonious blend.

Embrace the holistic power of our 7 Chakra Bracelet—an exquisite piece designed to align and balance your energy centers, promoting harmony, vitality, and spiritual well-being.

Spiritual Connection: As you wear the 7 Chakra Bracelet, it serves as a reminder to stay connected to your spiritual self. The balanced energy from each chakra stone promotes a sense of well-being and positive vibes.


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