Crystal Natural Tiger Quartz Bracelet (4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm) for Girls,Women And men

Product :- Crystal Natural Tiger Quartz Bracelet Round Beads
Shape:- Round
Used for Reiki Healing and Crystal Healing Stone Bracelet
Material:- Gemstone
Color : Brown
Size:- 4 mm,6 mm,8mm ,10mm(Customized
Ideal For:- Women, Men, Girls, Boys
Occasion:- Love, Wedding & Engagement, Religious,

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Natural tiger eye beads bracelet of 6/8/10/12/14 mm. Protection stone bracelet.
Tiger’s eye gives energy when we are exhausted, soothes when we are overexcited.
A good luck charm, this natural stone brings prosperity, optimizes general well-being and balances yin and yang. It is a protective shield against negative energies.

.It gives positive energy to the person who uses it and purifies it from negative energy.

2. It is believed among the people that it protects against the negativities of magic and evil eye.

3. Tiger’s eye, also known as the stone of strength and courage, has a feature that increases feelings of freedom and independence.

4. Tiger’s eye, which is known to have positive effects on pain, plays a role in relieving stress-related headaches.

5. People with digestive system problems are especially recommended to use this stone.


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