Natural Black Obsidian (Cabochon And Worry Stone) Oval Shape Decorative Showpiece

Type: Crystal Black Obsidian Ovals
Color:- Black
Shape:- Oval
Size:- As per Your Choised(Customized)
Material: Stone
Suitable For: Car, Floor, Table
Advantages:- .Best For Personal Use & Healing/Meditation Sessions

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Black Obsidian Healing Benefits:
-Root Chakra
-Powerful grounding stone
-Helps shield you from negative energy, great for empaths
-Helps you connect to the spiritual world and heal any past life issues
-Helps you deal with issues relating to past misuse of personal power

Black Obsidian is an incredible protective stone. It cleanses negative energy from your aura and eliminates emotional blockages. Black Obsidian is the perfect shield against bad vibes and proves to be great for psychic protection and grounding. Because of how much it absorbs negative energy, this stone should be cleansed often. (Simply running it under water should be just fine.)


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