Natural Bloodstone Tumbled Stone For Reiki, Healing ,Aquarium, Home, And Showpiece

Product:- Natural Bloodstone Tumble Stone 
Color: Green And Red
Crystal Size (Approximate): Multiple Available-Your Choose(Customiz)
Type: Tumbled
Surface: Polished
Smooth Texture
Intentions: Stress Relief, Calming, Love, Intuition
Uses:- Gifting, Garden Landscaping, Fish Aquarium Showpiece, Art & Craft, Collectibles, Candles & Tea Light Holders, Therapy & Sp

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Polished Bloodstone gemstones
Size : As Per Your Choised And Customized
This gemstone can be used to aid you in connecting to the mysteries of the universe, helping to strengthen your connection with nature.
It’s also said to bring emotional calm and clarity, aiding in clear decision-making.
Whether you keep it as home decor, use it in your meditation practice, or wear it to bring comfort
These Natural Polished medium size Bloodstone tumbled gemstones could be exactly what you need.

These tumbled stones make a great addition to your crystal collection.
With their natural polished shape and size, they are easy to work with when creating crystal grids or adding to jewelry designs.
Each piece is unique, filled with its natural energy, perfect for your crystal healing or spiritual practices.
The energy of bloodstone can help restore balance and vitality to the body.


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