Natural Carnelian Point Tower For Reiki Meditation Yoga Spiritual

Type: Reiki Crystal Feng Shui & Vastu Showpiece
Material: Crystal
Suitable For: Table,Desk,Decor And Showpiece
Colour:- Red And Orange
Size :- As Per Your Choised(Customized)

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Carnelian is known to provide a large amount of self-confidence and motivation to those who are struggling it helps us to feel good about ourselves, and to open up emotionally. When we are struggling, it helps us to have that joy and satisfaction in all that we do and gives us the strength to move forward when we’re stuck if you are stuck or in a downward spiral and need to push to get out of it this stone will help you do that. It is an extremely kind and gentle stone, but provides firmness, where we need it. If this sounds like something you need, this is the stone for you.


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