Natural Green Aventurine Tumble Stone For Reiki Healing Vastu Correction, And Showpiece

Product:- Natural Green AventurineTumble Stone
Color: Green
Crystal Size:- Multiple Available-Your Choose(Customized)
Type: Tumbled
Surface: Polished
Smooth Texture
Uses:- Gifting, Garden Landscaping, Fish Aquarium Showpiece, Art & Craft, Collectibles, Candles & Tea Light Holders, Therapy & Spa

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💎Polished Green Aventurine gemstones
💎For crystal curators and collectors alike, our Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone A Grade.
💎Medium Tumbled Crystals are sure to make a captivating addition to any sacred altar or collection.
💎Each piece is hand-selected for its exquisite beauty and power, ensuring that you get nothing but the best in quality.
💎Take home your own set of Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone A Grade, Medium Tumbled Crystals today and let the force of the universe take over.

🔷Use these pieces as an aid in meditation, where they can bring clarity and focus to your spiritual practice.
🔷Alternatively, they can be used as decor around your home, office or sacred space to invite in love, light and positive energy.
🔷When it comes to the physical healing benefits of Green Aventurine, it is believed to reduce inflammation and soothe away aches and pains.
🔷It is also beneficial in aiding skin issues, promoting health and balance within the body.


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