Natural Lapis Pyramid for Reiki Healing/Grid Vastu Correction

Type: Pyramid Feng Shui & Vastu Showpiece
Colour:- Blue
Shape:- Pyramid
Material: Crystal
Products Size:- Available in All Sizes(customized)
Showpiece, Table Décor , Home Décor, Office Décor, Attractive Gifts, Wellness boutique
Suitable For: Table, Showpiece and decorative
Occasion:- Christmas, Graduation, Housewarming, Anniversary, Thanksgiving
Cartoon Character:- bubble
Specific Uses For Product:- home décor
Special Feature:- handmade

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Good for balancing the Throat Chakra,Lapis Lazuli reminds us of the power of the spoken word,fosters full verbal expression,and clears problems caused by “swallowing your tongue.”Lapis Lazuli encourages clear expression when sharing information with others,including easier communication of anger.

The most powerful area in a pyramid is in the center,near the apex,so it can be helpful to focus your intention into this spot.When working with these powerful items,be sure you have stated a purpose for the highest good,and are clear about your desires.

Also a Third Eye Chakra opener,Lapis Lazuli connects the physical and celestial kingdoms.Deeply peaceful,Lapis Lazuli provides wisdom into mystical realms and connection with spiritual guardians.Lapis Lazuli is a good stone to expand intuitive skills while remaining objective and open to reasoned analysis.Lapis Lazuli also protects against psychic attack,shielding negative energy and returning any negative vibrations to their source.


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