Natural Opalite Tumbled Stone For Reiki Healing Vastu Correction And Showpiece

Product:- Natural Opalite Tumble Stone
Shape:-Asymmetrical And Cube Also
Color: Sky Blue
Crystal Size:- Multiple Available-Your Choose(Customized)
Type: Tumbled
Surface: Polished
Smooth Texture
Uses:- Gifting, Garden Landscaping, Fish Aquarium Showpiece, Art & Craft, Collectibles, Candles & Tea Light Holders, Therapy & Spa

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Opalite Stone encourages persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings. It is a business stone and encourages success in all endevors. Opalite improves communication on many levels. Opalite is a wonderful stone for the emotions healing. It’ll clear what worries you have with your heart, and it’ll make sense of the peace in your life.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL APPLICATION – Perfect for home decoration, you can place it in living room, children’s room, office, car, handbag, pocket, bring you peace, fortune and endless positive energy. It’s also a perfect and meaningful gift for your family,friends and yourself on christmas, birthday, thanksgiving day, new year ect.

Vase Filler: Dress up a floral arrangement by adding color-coordinated stones to a clear vase. The arrangement will stay in place better, and the stones add weight to the bottom so the vase won’t tip over as easily.

Home Decor: Tumbled stones can be a lovely accent for picture frames, candle holders, centerpieces, and many other home decor items. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spiritual Healing Many people like to use tumbled stones when they are practicing mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual healing techniques.

Cleansing Method: Before using Crystal, wash them under Rock Salt water, dry it with clean cloth, then leave them in the sun. This recharges the crystal with sunlight and disperses and releases negative energies.


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