Natural Pyrite Tumbled Stone For Decorative and showpiece

Product:- Natural Pyrite Tumble Stone
Color: Golden and Silver
Crystal Size:- Multiple Available-Your Choose(Customized)
Type: Tumbled
Surface: Polished
Smooth Texture
Uses:- Gifting, Garden Landscaping, Fish Aquarium Showpiece, Art & Craft, Collectibles, Candles & Tea Light Holders, Therapy & Spa

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💎Polished pyrite gemstones
💎Size : As Per Your Choised
💎These Pyrite Tumbled Stone Crystals are sure to make an impact in your life.
💎Is lovingly handcrafted with careful precision and attention to detail.
💎Every piece of Pyrite is one of a kind and brimming with metaphysical energy.
💎Showcase your Pyrite on an altar, in a bowl or in your pocket
💎No matter how you use it, this beautiful crystal will bring new potential and shine a light on any situation.

🔷Fossilized remnants from a time long past, Pyrite Tumbled Stones come alive with a sparkle that’s both stunning and powerful.
🔷The energy from these crystals can help increase your courage, confidence, and optimism when facing difficult tasks, and can also be used to make positive changes in your life.
🔷 Each stone has its own individual iridescence and is the perfect addition to your favorite healing crystal collection or crystal grid.


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