Natural Amethyst Tumble Stones for Reiki Healing, Vaastu Correction and Increase Creativity

Product:- Natural Amethyst Tumble Stone 
Color: Purple
Crystal Size (Approximate): Multiple Available-Your Choose
Type: Tumbled
Surface: Polished
Smooth Texture
Intentions: Stress Relief, Calming, Love, Intuition
Uses:- Gifting, Garden Landscaping, Fish Aquarium Showpiece, Art & Craft, Collectibles, Candles & Tea Light Holders, Therapy & Spa

💖If you have been seeking a little extra magic in your life, then look no further: these Natural Polished Amethyst tumbled gemstones are your ticket to a life of abundance, joy, and success. With their beautiful purple hue, these sparkling stones are perfect for any crystal enthusiast.💖

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💎Genuine Amethyst gemstones
💎Size of stones : Customized
💎These Natural Polished Amethyst tumbled gemstones
💎The perfect gift for yourself or someone special. Each stone has an eye-catching sparkle that will catch the eye.
💎Add them to your altar, use them for décor, or carry them with you to keep your energy balanced and connected.
💎No matter how you choose to use them, these Amethyst tumbled gemstones will bring a sense of calm and love into your life.

🔷 Amethyst is also believed to bring protection, balance, and tranquility to your life
🔷Allowing you to stay grounded and balanced regardless of the situation.
🔷From attracting positive energy
🔷Purifying your space of negativity to generating wealth and success
🔷These powerful crystals can do wonders for your life

Amethyst is known for its ability to promote spiritual growth, relaxation, and inner peace. It is also believed to enhance intuition and provide protection against negative energies. 🌟🔮

Whether you’re a crystal enthusiast, a healer, or simply looking to add a touch of magic to your life, our Amethyst tumbled stones are a must-have! 💫💜

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