Natural Black Onyx Stone (Cabochon And Worry Stone) Oval Shape Decorative Showpiece

Type: Crystal Game Showpiece
Material: Stone
Shape:- Oval
Size:- As Per Your choise(Customized)
Suitable For: Car, Floor, Table
Handcrafted Black Onyx Oval Cabochon100% Natural & Authentic Hand-crafted by MasterArtist 
Advantages:-.Best For Personal Use & Healing/Meditation Sessions

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Black Onyx is a protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the user while evoking inspiration and empowerment, without overwhelming others. It is also thought to help one find calmness and let go of resentments to re-establish relationships and dispel sadness.

Black Onyx crystals are known for their action to stimulate inspiring thought.

They may also help you to release any built up anger, fear or resentment triggered by situations occurring in your life.


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