Natural Bloodstone (Cabochon And Worry Stone) Oval Shape Decorative Showpiece

Type: Crystal Game Showpiece
Colour:- Green And Red
Size:- As Per Your Choised(Customized)
Material: Stone
Suitable For: Car, Floor, Table
Handcrafted Oval Cabochon100% Natural & Authentic 
Hand-crafted by MasterArtist 
ocassion for Reiki, Feng Shul, Numerology & Astrology
Advantages:- .Best For Personal Use & Healing/Meditation Sessions

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💎Made from natural bloodstone crystal
💎Smooth, polished surface for easy handling

🔷 Promotes relaxation and stress relief
🔷Helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety
🔷Enhances focus and concentration
🔷Provides grounding and protection
🔷Can be used for meditation, energy healing, and spiritual practices


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