Natural Green Jade Sphere For Vastu Reiki Chakra Healing Decorative Showpiece

Type:- Green Jade Crystal Ball Feng Shui & Vastu Showpiece
Material: Stone
Shape;- Sphere
Colour:- Green
Size:- As Per Your Choise(Customized)
Suitable For: Table,Decoravite And Showpiece

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These Are Natural Green Jade Stone Crystals Hand Made Sphere Ball From Made In India.These Green Nephrite Jade Ball have such a beautiful color. The “stone of fidelity,”this Jade is wonderful for working with the Heart Chakra-balancing male and female energies,and helping with dysfunctional relationships.Jade instills confidence,calms the nervous system and is a good stone for Libra.

This Green Jade has a lovely healthful vibration.It connects to the energy of the Earth,and can be used for connecting to life-force,and for building and maintaining a sense of well-being in all areas of life.Although Jade is a Heart Chakra stone,it can be placed on the Third Eye Chakra for aid in dream work,during which new insights can be brought to the surface.It’s work with the Heart Chakra allows one to tune into other’s feelings,to enhance self-confidence,and to bring wisdom into new situation


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