Natural Amethyst (Cabochon And Worry Stone) Oval Shape Decorative Showpiece

Type: Crystal Game Showpiece
Material: Stone
Suitable For: Car, Floor, Table
Handcrafted Amethyst Oval Cabochon100% Natural & Authentic Amethyst Hand-crafted by MasterArtist  

Reiki, Feng Shul, Numerology & Astrology Advantages.
Best For Personal Use & Healing/Meditation Sessions

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  • Amethyst is believed to cure headache, depression, grief, despair, insomnia and provides healing & peaceful sleep to the wearer.
  • Smooth touch are suitable for massage SPA ,power energy stone for healing reiki, to hold in your hand for relaxation or anxiety relief. Enhance meditation, aid in healing the mind, body and spirit.
  • Oval worry stones make very special personal gifts, good for bringing calm, good fortune, stability, clarity and many other lovely qualities.
  • Oval Healing Crystal Stones, it is hand carved, vary slightly in size and coloration, and stone may have gran spot scratches. Nice size to fit easily as a pocket stone, perfect to hold in hands for daily carry, beautiful look good for decoration at your home.
  • Every piece is unique, the veins are varied, you will receive one piece as pictured. Every piece is unique, the veins are varied, the picture shown is a representation of the item, you’ll receive from the stated size items. Picture may appear larger on your screen.


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